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"In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety"      


Abraham Maslow

Individual Relationship Therapy Online and Face to Face in Warlingham, Surrey

Do you feel you need individual counselling around your present or future relationships? It might be that you have been starting to ask yourself questions about your relationship, and need some clarity in order to move forward. You might be wondering why you seem to push away those closest to you. Perhaps you are going through a separation, and you need help to come to terms with the loss of the relationship. You might not be meeting the right people on dating apps. I can provide a safe space to explore feelings and options. And identify what you really want so you can move forward. 

You also might feel that you have a lack of sexual desire or confidence, that you're not in touch with your own sexuality. You may also be suffering from sexual issues around performance and anxiety. Or you might have a physical sexual problem that you think may have originally stemmed from a psychological cause. I understand, however it began, the physical element is real and not in your mind. I can help with all of these issues using research based interventions.


Whatever your relationship or sexual issue, I am respectful and empathetic, and always go at your pace. My practice offers a safe and calm place where you can talk openly and freely about any issues that may be troubling you. My goal is -with my experience- to give you a sense that you and your issues are understood, cared for and accepted.

Therapy with me is energised and focused, but calm. The aim is to slow the pace of life down for at least that hour so that we can truly examine and work through what you bring to me.

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