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“Compatibility doesn't determine the fate of a marriage, how you deal with the incompatibilities does.”

Couple Counselling online and Face to Face in Warlingham, Surrey

Relationship therapy looks different to every couple. People come with multiple needs at various stages in life. The aim of therapy is, broadly, to try and encourage re-connection and a nurturing of the relationship that perhaps hasn’t been present for a while. I have a breadth of experience in numerous relationship issues, these include

  • ​Growing apart

  • Affairs and betrayals

  • Communication difficulties

  • Lack of intimacy and sex

  • Continuous arguments

  • Moving towards separation

  • Couples where one or both are affected by mental health conditions

  • Parenting and/or blended family issues

  • Starting or maintaining a relationship

  • Ethical non monogamy


The therapist is a person that stands outside the relationship looking in, and because of this, the couples in the room are able to do this too.

A great advantage of couple counselling is that you are better able to have difficult conversations in a protected environment. It is harder to be defensive or angry with a qualified, experienced relationship therapist in the room. It is easier to say things that maybe you dread saying; to voice hurts that your partner might have long forgotten.


I can hold these difficult conversations and use techniques to increase mutual empathy and show you a better way to relate. A relationship therapist is neutral. I won’t see one person being right and the other wrong. I see both sides. I see relationships not as being linear but circular and part of a whole; a system. This just means that in a couple, every action causes a reaction.


Often my work is around breaking negative cycles. Sometimes unwanted patterns in our adult lives that we can't shake end up pointing us towards how to heal and develop within the relationship. Above all, it's important that we work collaboratively and you have ownership of the process.

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